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About the Company

Executive Bathrooms LLC is a small business owned and operated out of Loudoun County, VA since 2017. As a small business we take great pride in providing strong customer service to each customer. Taking time to talk with customers to make sure their needs will be met and keeping in contact before, during and after each event. We currently offer 2 styles of affordable restroom trailers and are adding to the fleet as we grow. Our luxury trailers standout on the inside and fit perfectly into the background of any event!


About the Owners

In 2016, owners Sarah Utterback and Ghorley Gregg had an inspiration to start Executive Bathrooms LLC while attending a beautiful outdoor wedding Sarah took a picture of what she thought was a priceless photo. After the event, she wanted to get this picture framed only to see that in the background of this beautiful memory were blue bathrooms that stood out and changed her mind about framing the picture.  Sarah decided to research bathroom trailers to find luxury and tastefulness to the eye. Something that would blend into any event background without standing out in the photo!  In 2017, the inspiration turned into reality! 

Sarah has a undergraduate degree in Business Management and has worked in the County for over 20 years in Administration and Finance for non-profit organizations. 

Ghorley has over 15 years with the Loudoun County Fire Department and also helps run the family farm in Loudoun County, VA.